At present, IBM has participated in more than 400 blockchain cases around the world, and 10 of them have been officially commercialized. The first is the focus on “logistics”, and IBM has established a blockchain joint venture with Danish shipping giant MAERSK. 80% of the world's goods are shipped by sea, with a market value of up to $4 trillion a year. But just to ship the container from Denmark to the Netherlands, it takes 30 nodes in total, for a total of 200 paper jobs. It is estimated that the processing of paper will account for about 20% of the transportation cost; but the blockchain can come in handy, IBM and Maersk use its blockchain Hyperledger to not only track the flow of goods, You can also use smart contracts to automate these annoying paperwork, saving you money and time.

Like vaccines and other medical materials, the temperature and humidity of the goods are particularly sensitive. It is very likely that a temperature of a few degrees will make the vaccine invalid and cause the difference between life and death. However, if the entire logistics system is matched with the blockchain's smart contract and the whole temperature and humidity monitoring IOT device, it can not only directly reduce the vaccine inefficiency, but also combine the big data analysis ability to evaluate the temperature/humidity information through positioning information and weather analysis. Determine the cause of the loss of goods, and further reduce the average processing time for cargo insurance from 15-20 days to 2-3 days.

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